Greetingcards for Kaartje2go.nl

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Crystals of the Night, Original Drawing for Exhibition

Crystals of the night low res

Flower Girls, original drawing for exhibition

Flower Girls lowres


beartee lowres

Two personal works I made a while ago for the Dutch Art CollaborationSwansquirrel

Invitation for a friend’s 25th birthday

voorkant uitnodiging patries


Illustration for AMMO Magazine

Portrait I, II, III, IV, V

A series surrealistic portraits with fairy-like, almost alien women, for an exhibition.
Pictures taken by Floor Vereijken

llustrations for Lofriday Kargadoor, for sale as 4 x A6 card

lllustration for the 1000 drawings Exhibition at ‘De Brakke Grond’ Amsterdam, for sale as A6 card

Illustration for the Illustration Biënnale 2th of Juni in Haarlem

Hold Your Horses! T shirt design for Rice Ink